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illustratemusic's Journal

visual art inspired by music
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The place to share inspiratoinal music, songs and illustrate it by means of mixed media
I created this community to collect inspirational music, songs, music video, etc. and to illustrate it by means of fine art and mixed media.
Most of all I will appreciate if you make your own illustrations for the song you were moved by. Try to picture your feelings!
You are welcome to post somebody else's pictures, photos that illustrate the piece of music you like. If possible, please, name the author and give the link where you have found music and the picture.
Also I suggest to post inspirational music audio or video and to add illustrations in the comments to the post. From time to time I will announce some contests and will find something special as a prize to give to the winner)))

Once upon a time when I was a kid our school music teacher asked us to think what is "art of soul".
I was really proud of my drawing skills and the fact that I was a bright student having lots of answers to almost each question in my head)))
So, when I heard this question I answered it almost immediately: "Fine art is art of soul". Our music teacher shook his head and told that to his opinion it was music.
Now as I am a grown up I agree to my school teacher for I feel myself that this is music to turn the soul upside down and to make the heart tremble, but I also think that some artist do have the ability to picture feelings.

I need your help to find different ways to illustrate the music and to find a kind of harmony of sounds, words, feelings and images.
Thank you! thanks to all of you who will join and make any contribution to this community)))